Building a Successful Trading Strategy: Insights from George Soros

The markets are always changing, and the successful trader is one who can adapt. – George Soros.

Here are 3 Tips from George Soros on “How to build a good strategy” & how I apply them as a trader:

Be Contrarian.

Question, analyze, and then decide.

  • Test popular market beliefs for validity
  • Build distinctive strategies
  • Develop your own unique insights

A profitable edge is built on not following the crowd

Stay Informed and Adapt.

  • Develop a system for identifying trend changes
  • Follow the price action
  • Keep abreast of market changes

If you don’t adapt, you’ll risk large losses on your account

Incorporate Risk Management.

Every strategy needs a safety net.

  • Use volatility based risk control
  • Develop clear plans for exits
  • Continuously monitor your trades

Risk management protects your account from large drawdowns

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