Trading 101: Find Opportunities, Manage Risk, and Profit

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Perfect! This course is designed just for beginners like you. It's all about finding the right trades, understanding charts, and making sure you're not taking on too much risk. Plus, you'll learn how to lock in profits at the right time. In simple terms, we'll guide you on this exciting journey to start trading with confidence.

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Module 1Finding the right broker for you
Lesson 1Discover Your Ideal Trading Broker with AI 
Module 2Trading Tools
Lesson 1Top 3 Tools Every Trader Needs 
Module 3Finding Trade Opportunities
Lesson 13 Simple Steps to Find the Best Trading Opportunities 
Module 4Chart Analysis
Lesson 1How to use Candlestick Charts to make money in Trading 
Module 5Risk Management
Lesson 1How to Manage Risk in Trading & Avoid blowing up your Ac 
Module 6Profit management
Lesson 1How To Determine the Best Prices to Take Profits