Elevate Your Trading Game with These 5 Unconventional Steps

Want to break away from the pack in trading?

Forget the clichés.

Here are 5 unconventional steps to elevate your trading game:


Get Comfortable with Boring

Exciting trades often lose money. Learn to like calm trading.

– Be happy with quiet, profitable trading days

– Don’t trade just for a thrill

– Find excitement in other parts of your life

Get Good at Saying No

Being able to skip so-so trades is a big advantage.

– Set a limit on how many trades you’ll make each day

– Make a list of trade setups you’ll always avoid

– Reward yourself when you stick to your ‘no’ choices

Learn to Do Nothing

Sometimes, not trading is the best move.

– Plan days where you don’t trade at all

– Practice watching charts without making trades

– Find things to do on quiet market days

Work with Your Body Clock

Not everyone should trade all day. Find your best trading time.

– Figure out when you’re most alert and trade then

– Try different trading timeframes (like holding trades for days)

– Plan your trading around when you naturally sleep and wake up

Trade Like a Scientist

Think of trading like a science project.

– Make a guess about what will happen for each trade

– Write down what the market is doing in your trading notes

– Analyze your trading results as data points

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