How I Grew a $50 Trading Account to $96,000

In 2013, I began my trading journey with only $50, uncertain of how trading worked. Within two weeks, I blew up part of that initial amount, adding another $100. By the end of three months, I had deposited a total of $200, only to be left with $20. Feeling defeated and ready to quit, I decided to give trading one last shot.

I focused on learning from a single mentor, devoting a year to demo trading and perfecting my strategy. I studied entry signals, support and resistance levels, risk management, and maximizing profits. I practiced patience and discipline, waiting only for the best entry signals and sticking to my strategy.

After a year, I felt ready to live trade but had limited funds. Fortunately, my broker was running a promotion, giving me an extra $100, bringing my account to $120. With my newfound knowledge and skills, I aimed to create a profitable track record.

Within a year, I had successfully created a profitable track record and attracted my first investor. Through consistent progress, I eventually managed up to $96,000 in investments, earning profits for my investors and myself.

My journey proves that with a small trading account, patience, discipline, and the right mentorship, you can achieve success and attract investors.

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