Trading Lessons from Ray Dalio on Discipline

Every successful trader follows a set of principles.

Here are 5 trading lessons from Ray Dalio that can help you to become a disciplined trader:

1/ Use Pain as a Teacher.
Discomfort leads to improvement.
• Understand the cause of losses
• Reflect on painful experiences
• Use them to refine strategies

2/ Know Your Limits.
Recognize your boundaries.
• Set a strict loss limit
• Don’t chase after lost trades
• Always prioritize capital preservation

3/ Maintain a Decision Journal.

Track your thought process.
• Record trade rationales
• Review decisions, right or wrong
• Learn and grow from reflections

4/ Follow a Strict Routine.

Consistency is key.
• Define a daily trading ritual
• Stick to the plan religiously
• Review and adjust periodically

5/ Stay Radically Open-Minded.

Keep your ego in check.
• Be willing to change your stance
• Accept when you’re wrong
• Continuously seek feedback

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