Why you are Overtrading

Ever felt the itch to keep trading, even when you know you shouldn’t? That urge to place just one more trade, hoping it might be the one that turns things around?

I've been there. But here's the truth:

Overtrading often stems from not having a clear & profitable trading strategy.

Why should this matter to you?

Overtrading can

  • quickly erode your capital, and
  • increase your stress levels

The solution? A solid trading strategy.

A good trading strategy isn't just about knowing when to enter the market; it's equally about understanding when to stay out.

It provides clarity, reduces the urge to overtrade, and most importantly, protects your capital.

I've spent 10+ years refining my approach, and I've distilled all that knowledge into my Trading Course.

It's designed to give you the tools to identify the best trading opportunities and, just as crucially, the discipline to avoid the bad ones.

Ready to trade smarter, not harder?

Click here to dive into my Trading Course and discover the strategies that have transformed my trading journey, and can do the same for you.

~ Dennis Kirui

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