Ed Seykota’s 5 Golden Rules for Developing Trading Discipline

How did Ed Seykota consistently beat the market?


Discover his 5 golden rules for developing discipline in trading.

1/ “Stick to Your Trading Plan.”
Plan your trade, trade your plan.
• Create a clear trading strategy
• Follow your plan without deviation
• Don’t trade based on your intuition

2/ “Trust the Process.”
Believe in your method.
• Have faith in your trading system
• Avoid second-guessing during downturns
• Consistent application leads to long-term success

3/ “Keep a Trading Journal.”
Document to improve.
• Record all your trades and their outcomes
• Analyze your decisions
• Use the insights to refine your strategies

4/ “Stay Objective.”
Facts over feelings.
• Base decisions on market data, not emotions
• Avoid personal biases in trading
• Objective analysis leads to clear decision-making

5/ “Cultivate Emotional Equilibrium.”
Balance your emotions.
• Avoid overreacting to wins and losses
• Stay calm during market fluctuations
• Emotional stability enhances decision-making

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