Mastering Trading Psychology: Tips from Jesse Livermore

“I learnt to avoid hope, fear, and greed.” – Jesse Livermore.

Mastering ones emotions is a MUST for trading success

Here are 3 trading psychology tips from Jesse Livermore & how to apply them as a trader:

1/ Discipline is King.

It’s the bridge between goals and achievements.

  • Set clear trading rules for entry & exit
  • Follow them religiously
  • Assess your results regularly

Discipline to follow a proven trading plan, leads to success

2/ Avoid Hope.

It’s a trader’s mirage.

  • Trade based on what the charts are showing
  • Avoid emotional attachments to your trades
  • Be systematic & rational in your decisions

Hope in trading can lead you to blowing up your account

3/ Embrace Failure.

It’s the seed of learning.

  • Analyze your losses
  • Extract the lessons
  • Make adjustments & improve

Learn from your mistakes & that of others.

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